Refine the governance measures in the ball making

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Ball making workshop of Fangyuan company: refine governance measures and explore new governance ideas

in order to build a stable, high-yield, and well managed team; It is united, cohesive, and especially capable of fighting; The grass-roots teams and groups that both obey the management and are not afraid of problems adopt the means of democratic voting and evaluation in the ball making workshop to assess the monitor and maintenance workers on schedule

the assessment mainly includes ten aspects: team output, quality, staff stability, safe production, civilized production, team management, exemplary role, leadership, work style and technical level. From this point of view, we can see how many points each monitor and maintenance worker can get in the eyes of employees and whether they are competent for their own work. According to the vote results, the workshop commended and rewarded the team leaders and maintenance workers who got high scores, notified and encouraged the teams and individuals who ranked last, and designated the individuals who ranked last for two consecutive months to be eliminated

through this mobility, backward teams and individuals understand their shortcomings, strive to correct their work positions, and learn from the advanced teams and individuals; The commended teams and individuals also made it clear that they would inherit their efforts and maximize their personal role. The workshop flows based on the principles of fairness, impartiality and openness. Every employee can speak his own mind, which has stimulated the working enthusiasm of the monitor and the repairman in this kind of situation, formed a good working atmosphere to avoid corrosion in the air and water oxidation, integrated with the open-loop control system, and reached a good result

such mobile workshops will be conducted once a month in order to further refine production management and grass-roots management, so as to achieve the harmony between management and production

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