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Reflection on the development of China's printing industry from the printing industry of the opposite sex in Japan

the printing industry should develop moderately, and form a standardized market order as soon as possible, so as to avoid boiling beans and burning skips and frying too quickly. We should check whether the power supply is normal, and the publishing and distribution markets should also tend to be rational, and take an embedded development path to improve the level of enterprise management

the book publishing collapse criticized that the publishing industry in Japan did not do a good job in disclosing its own information, so that it entered the foam economy in which the number of books published increased and the number of books returned increased; Criticizing the Japanese publishing industry for thoughtlessly paying high remuneration to managers and paying high wages and bonuses to employees, that is to eat the assets of the publishing house, which is tantamount to Octopus eating its own feet, and finally the serious situation of the serial collapse of the publishing house. It also criticized that in order to bury the deficit, Japanese publishing houses generally require the printing and binding industry to cut costs, and in order to make up for the decline of enterprise printed matter (commercial printed matter) caused by the recession, many big brand printing companies also cut prices almost dumping to seize the business of small and medium-sized printing companies

how similar all this is to the current situation in our country! The author of the book calls for the formation of fair and aboveboard rules and fair transactions, which is also what we need to seriously study and judge the industrial development trend in China at present. The cover of the front car should attract the attention of the latecomers

although the development prospect of China's printing industry is promising at present, we should remember to develop moderately and avoid rushing into mass action. Relevant departments should also make the information more accurate and transparent to avoid repeated construction. Trade associations should adapt to the development of the situation, strengthen their work, take responsibility for themselves, standardize market behavior, punish illegal enterprises, avoid excessive competition in the industry, and avoid the whole industry falling into the abyss. Business operators should overcome the impetuous act of being eager for quick success and instant benefit, make more efforts to strengthen internal control and improve management level, and take the implicit development path advocated by the government

the overheated development of printing has just appeared. The government has timely sent the message of regulating 11 industries, including the printing industry, which is a good thing. We expect the printing industry to grow in a more standardized market environment

these enterprises still exist and continue to develop: Beijing analytical instrument factory (now Beijing Beifen Ruili analytical instrument (Group) Co., Ltd.), Beijing No.2 optical instrument factory (now Beijing Ruili analytical instrument company), Shanghai analytical instrument factory, Shanghai No.3 analytical instrument factory and Shanghai Leici instrument factory (now Shanghai Yidian analytical instrument Co., Ltd.) Jiangsu Electric analytical instrument factory (now Jiangsu jiangfendian Analytical Instrument Co., Ltd.), Chuanyi 9 factory (now Chongqing Chuanyi Analytical Instrument Co., Ltd.), Foshan analytical instrument factory (now Foshan analyzer Co., Ltd.), Xiamen analytical instrument factory and Xiamen No. 2 Analytical Instrument Factory (now Xiamen Xingsha Instrument Co., Ltd.), Lunan Chemical Instrument Factory (Shandong Lunan Ruihong Chemical Instrument Co., Ltd.) Shandong Gaomi analyzer according to a survey on the relevant human resources website, display factory (now Shandong Gaomi rainbow Analytical Instrument Co., Ltd.), Shenyang analytical instrument factory (now Shenyang Yitong Analytical Instrument Co., Ltd.), Guiyang Xintian precision optical instrument company (now Guiyang Xintian Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.), Dandong ray instrument company (now Dandong ray instrument (Group) Co., Ltd.)

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