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New breakthrough! Write a new milestone in the development of high and new technology in the era of environmental protection and papermaking release date: Source: China paper media

since 2020, China has approved the import of waste paper for a total of 9 times, totaling 5.68 million tons. The actual import in January was 2.47 million tons, a year-on-year decrease of 44%. With the sharp decline in the amount of imported waste paper, the import of waste paper increased a large proportion, but it is still difficult to make up for a large gap in the import of waste paper, It is a drop in the bucket for papermaking and fiber dependent industries. At present, China mainly imports two kinds of waste pulp. One is pulp board (including wet pulp, bulk pulp, etc.). This kind of product mainly comes from copper clad laminate, which is greatly affected by the price of copper foil from Taiwan and Southeast Asian countries. The product has high water content and short transportation distance. It is mainly produced by large enterprises such as Levin, Rongcheng, Taiyang, nine dragons, etc. directly or cooperatively in foreign countries, and is used by themselves after import. The other is web pulp, mainly from North America, Southeast Asia, South Asia and other countries. This kind of product is similar to finished paper (often called garbled paper, garbage paper, etc.), which can be used as paper or pulp. The import transportation distance is long and the water content is low. However, this part of the products are often the focus of the customs inspection because of paper, and tariffs are often levied on finished paper when entering the customs. Less than half a year before the deadline for the import of waste paper, the massive import of waste pulp and finished paper has actually begun, which is particularly valuable for enterprises producing high-end noodle box paperboard. If they can't find the right raw fiber to continue to produce class a products, they will soon be replaced by several leading enterprises mentioned above or imported paper. If they go back to the production of low-end products or convert to core paper, Will face more fierce market competition. This part of competition includes the grab of raw material resources, cost advantages and market brand advantages, which will be a huge test for small and medium-sized enterprises

Anhui Heji Circular Economy Park Co., Ltd. (formerly Anhui Dongfeng Paper Co., Ltd.) which has attracted much attention in the early stage has made a breakthrough in "chemical free high-definition cleanliness straw hydrolysis pulping complete set technology", and now it continues to steadily replace waste paper fiber with straw fiber for paper making, with the replacement ratio as high as 75%. Based on the in-depth study of polyphenol three-dimensional polymer compounds with phenylpropane as the structural unit of herbaceous plants, the technical team studied and obtained the composition of lignin based on the configurable data processing system and microcomputer processing system, purple eugenol structure and p-hydroxyphenyl structure of lignin in plants. Due to the differences in plant varieties and separation methods, from the functional groups of lignin, aromatic groups, phenolic hydroxyl groups, alcohol hydroxyl groups, carbonyl groups Methoxy, carboxyl, aldehyde, conjugated double bond and other active groups to find a variety of chemical and non chemical reaction extraction methods, such as oxidation, reduction, hydrolysis, alcoholysis, acidolysis, photolysis, acylation, alkylation, nitration, etherification, sulfonation, polycondensation or graft copolymerization. Based on the environmental protection pursuit of technology, the hydrolysis method is determined as the main research direction from many extraction methods. Among many extraction methods, hydrolysis is the most difficult direction to make a positive contribution to reducing the pressure of environmental protection, but it is the most environmentally friendly treatment method

through nearly four years of research and exploration, the R & D investment has been nearly 40million. This technology has finally moved from a small laboratory test to a pilot test of scientific research achievements, and successfully transformed the technical achievements into productivity, completing all aspects of the requirements of mass production. At this stage, Anhui Heji's Straw Pulping capacity and papermaking capacity match each other. When packaging consumer goods companies are eager for new packaging shapes, in the fiber production cost, the cost is stable and controllable for a long time. Compared with alternative raw materials, the raw material system has a profit margin of 300-600/T, which greatly increases the market competitiveness of the enterprise. At the same time, the enterprise is ready to diversify the fiber varieties, pursue higher quality and further improve the profit margin

recently, in order to give full play to the advantages of local resource utilization, the local government of Anhui Heji Circular Economy Park Co., Ltd. has built an upstream and downstream industrial chain of environmental protection pulp and paper industry around Anhui Heji environmental pulp and paper industry project and Dongfeng paper industry project, and plans to establish Anhui Heji circular economy industrial park. The upstream of the industrial chain of the park will accommodate the straw collection, storage and transportation system and renewable resource waste paper sorting center, and the central industry will focus on high-tech environmental protection pulp and paper, The downstream creates various kinds of environmental protection products based on the waste at the end of the pulp and paper industry chain. After the completion of the whole recycling Park, the industrial chain can achieve a complete closed loop, and create another local pillar industry under the environmental protection goal of sustainable development. The preliminary planning of the park covers an area of 4000 mu. The overall planning and industrial planning of the Circular Industrial Park have been completed, and have been demonstrated by the expert meeting and the Planning Committee of the local government. It will be reported to the executive meeting of the local government for research in the near future

under the current policy background, the solid waste ban order and the plastic ban order have been implemented one after another, and the environmental fiber and paper industry will usher in a new round of rising sun. The high-tech environment-friendly pulping and papermaking industry will eventually replace the traditional papermaking mode, and eventually throw away the hat of a highly polluting industry, and gradually rely on the improvement of science and technology to achieve environmental protection and sustainable development in the true sense, so as to run towards the paper industry goal of "made in China 2025"

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