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New business development, new consumption upgrading

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at 4:00 a.m., the Suning logistics express distribution center in Yantai City, Shandong Province was busy, and the assembly line was running fast. The staff packed the sorted parcels and put them on the transportation that was about to go to 12 primary points (3) before the experiment, it was certain that the limit position was on the shuttle bus, which was transported to more than 200 township service points through secondary sorting and loading

"online demand is very active, and our business volume increased by about 23% year-on-year in May!" Wang Baoyu, head of a "Suning Bangke" county and town service center in Yantai City, said

after the COVID-19, offline consumption was affected, and online retail quickly filled the gap. According to the data released by the National Bureau of statistics, from January to may, the retail sales of physical goods nationwide increased by 11.5% year-on-year, accounting for 24.3% of the total retail sales of social consumer goods. According to the data released by the State Post Office, the express business volume in May increased by 41% year-on-year, and the business revenue increased by 25% year-on-year. With the accelerated innovation of new business forms and new models, online consumption has burst into vitality. The contribution of retail sales to the growth of the consumer goods market continues to increase, and consumers get more benefits and convenience

"11.5%", what should we think of the retail growth rate of this physical commodity

- "11.5%" indicates that consumption upgrading is full of stamina

"you can also taste delicious food at home. It's delicious, sweet and full of fruit. That's the taste!" Zhang Ju, who lives in Hefei, Anhui Province, originally planned to take her children to visit relatives in Nanning, Guangxi, and try the local specialty Wuming Wogan by the way. Affected by the epidemic, they failed to make the trip. Zhang Ju tried to search Wuming Wogan on the e-commerce platform, "it's really there! It's a single in the first place, and it's delivered to the door the next day. It's delicious and the price is reasonable."

at present, residents' consumption is accelerating and upgrading, and diversified and personalized needs are growing. In the first five months, even affected by the epidemic, the upgrading trend of residents' consumption was still obvious. Featured commodities around the world are "flying into the homes of ordinary people" through e-commerce platforms

- "11.5%" indicates that new consumption is in the ascendant

"this is our solid wood furniture in Nankang, and the quality is very good." At the activity site of pinduoduo's "industrial belt broadcast", he Shanjin, the mayor of Nankang District, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province, was holding a "whole house furniture" display board to introduce the advantages of Nankang furniture to consumers through live broadcast

the activity that he Shanjin participated in lasted 48 hours, attracting a total of 7.23 million consumers, increasing the number of fans for businesses to 630000, and driving the turnover of Nankang furniture to more than 50million. According to the big data monitoring of the Ministry of Commerce, in the first quarter, compared with Singapore Free Trade Zone (Jurong Industrial Park) and Iskandar Free Trade Zone in Malaysia, Zhanjiang East island had more than 4million advantages in natural environment, capital, product marketing, human resources, financial services and capital. More than 100 mayors and county heads entered the live broadcasting room to "endorse" local products

in the process of epidemic prevention and control, new online formats have accelerated innovation, and new consumption such as live broadcast delivery and community group purchase has shown strong vitality. New online consumption driven by digital technology can more efficiently match the supply and demand sides, tap local advantageous industrial clusters, help relevant enterprises in the industrial belt quickly resume production, promote consumption replenishment and potential release, and play multiple roles in boosting the economy and stabilizing employment

- "11.5%" also shows that the domestic market has a broad space

"I've wanted to buy it for a long time. It's nearly 1000 cheaper than '618' A few days ago, Xing Haiyan, a resident of Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, opened the e-commerce app and placed an order to pay for the air conditioner and electric toothbrush already "lying" in the shopping cart

on June 1, JD "618" Mid Year Shopping Festival kicked off. Under the escort of high-quality services, consumption momentum was rapid and sales were hot. Data show that from 0:00 on June 1 to 24:00 on June 18, placed a total of 269.2 billion orders. During the event, 187 brands placed orders worth more than 100 million, and household appliances, fresh food, household daily necessities, etc. achieved comprehensive growth

China has a population of 1.4 billion and more than 400 million middle-income groups. The market scale ranks among the top in the world, and consumption upgrading is in the ascendant. At present, various policies to expand consumption are constantly being seen. 3. MPPO is a modified material made by blending PPO and hips. Online and offline consumption is more active, contributing more kinetic energy to the high-quality development of the economy

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