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New carbon fibers will be put into production

with the introduction of new re reinforced carbon fibers, Toho Tenax Europe is strengthening its position as a European carbon fiber producer and developer. The company has further developed the performance of intermediate fiber product series to meet the requirements of new applications, especially for future aerospace projects

after the launch of the new product Tenax ims65 24K, Toho Tenax has expanded its product range supplied by European production bases. The new ims65 is now commercially produced on the latest production line in Germany

tenax uts55 28. Repeat steps 4-7. 4K new is a new ultra-high toughness fiber with enhanced tensile properties. The product is aimed at high-performance industrial applications, such as offshore ships and pressure vessels, and can also be used in the aerospace field. It can be produced on a new production line in Germany, which is currently under construction and is expected to be completed in August this year

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