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A new type of calcium stearate product to improve product quality and appearance

the organic specialties research group of ferro company has recently successfully developed a new type of calcium stearate product, which can be used in PVC, polyolefin and other materials to manufacture products with high surface requirements, such as window frames, packaging bags and so on, so as to improve its surface performance and processing cost performance. The company claims that this kind of calcium stearate can not only improve the surface performance of plastics as a polyolefin processor, but also absorb acids and lubricate. It is widely used in the national economy and national defense industry. Compared with traditional calcium stearate products, this product has better performance and is cheaper than expensive precipitate products. When processing polyolefin fiber, its output can be increased by reducing the cleaning of molds. This calcium stearate product produced by the company is available in the form of powder and granule, and its brand names are calcium stearate 500 and calcium stearate 600 respectively

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