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Create a new category of MES interactive acquisition terminals. Driven by the wave of industry 4.0, the original manufacturing industry is facing many factors, such as rising raw materials and labor costs, chaotic production site management, miscellaneous orders, difficult to improve production efficiency, and difficult to monitor production abnormalities in real time. It simply cannot meet the basic needs of digital chemical plants, and it is even more difficult to integrate with industry 4.0

MES (Manufacturing Execution System) that provides enterprises with lean production management is undoubtedly a good way to solve the above problems faced by traditional manufacturing industry, and has also become the only way for Industry 4.0 or intelligent manufacturing, which is becoming increasingly popular

from the pyramid of industry 4.0, MES plays a connecting role. However, MES is only a set of systems, processes, and even software, which can interact well with ERP and other systems on the upper level. However, to communicate with the lower traditional automatic production line, which is indispensable for intelligent manufacturing, and realize the digital management of equipment, materials, etc. in the process of manufacturing execution, a hardware to software or interactive equipment layer is required. In order to realize the accurate data acquisition, process control and interactive application of MES, we have to match a variety of peripherals through the human-computer interaction panel, and realize it through a series of complex development and control

based on this, Apache tms-156 came into being. Tms-156 is a 15.6-inch capacitive touch all-in-one machine developed for MES field applications. Combined with MES business flow, it highly integrates functions such as audible and visual alarm, wireless communication, rfid/face recognition, switching value, etc., and realizes the rapid application of MES implementation through convenient API. Pure plane coverage design, combined with curved corners and embedded light boxes, with stable industrial gray, the appearance is exquisite and high-grade. The multi-color light source is perfectly combined with the whole machine, and is bonded with the 10 point capacitive touch screen on the surface of tempered glass, so that the front panel has a better visual proportion and is connected with the consumer line on a flat surface, which is smooth, flat and oil resistant, and can be prevented. However, even for the same product, the pressure of resin in the mold cavity is not the same in all parts; In places where the injection pressure is difficult to act and places where it is easy to act, the injection pressure does not affect the entry of dust and water, and can reach IP65 protection grade. Although China's exports of injection molding machines to Thailand fell sharply this year, this machine supports Android and windows (x86) dual platform operating systems, and directly integrates photoelectric isolation wide voltage input, Omron relay direct output, active/passive signal multiple inputs, and standard DB head application interface. Support the latest face recognition function. The 16:9 widescreen LCD with high-quality LED low-power backlight, combined with the industry's highly compatible eeti touch chip, ensures long-life, stable output of images and excellent operation experience. A variety of communication methods and strong fuselage design should be free of rust, burrs, bumps, scratches and other shortcomings, which can make the on-site implementation, data acquisition and interaction of MES easy and simple

the launch of a series of innovative products not only reflects the concept of keeping improving in quality, but also verifies the strength of apqi in leading industry transformation and driving consumption upgrading in recent years

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