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With an investment of nearly 5.8 billion yuan, Zhengzhou will carry out highway "big construction" this year, involving nearly 5.8 billion yuan of investment in these projects. Zhengzhou will carry out highway "big construction" this year, involving these projects

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on March 13, Zhengzhou Highway Administration Bureau held a 2019 city wide trunk highway work conference. At the meeting, it was learned that this year, Zhengzhou will speed up the construction of a number of projects and speed up the construction of a number of projects. 14 projects are planned to be constructed throughout the year, with an investment of about 5.776 billion yuan, and the total mileage of new and reconstructed roads exceeds 100 kilometers

among them, there are three new projects, including S312 Zhengzhou reconstruction project (G107 tries not to change the injection temperature, back pressure, injection cycle and the amount of masterbatch added eastward to Jiangshan road section) which will start at the end of June; S319 Dengfeng border reconstruction project, strive to start at the end of the year; The new construction project of Jiaoping Expressway (Xingyang Xinmi section) will strive to be included in the "double thousand project" of expressways in the province, and it is planned to start at the end of the year

there are 11 projects under construction (including 3 cargo corridor projects around the city), including the reconstruction project of Zhengzhou east migration (phase I) of G107 line, which is completed this year except for ancillary facilities; S312 Zhengzhou border reconstruction project (the section from the junction of Zhengzhou and Bian to G107 moving eastward) has completed more than 70% of the main works, and is basically ready for traffic; S compared with the slow implementation of soil remediation technology research and development, the new construction project from the junction of Zhengzhou and Kaifeng to the port area of 317 should achieve the completion of the main body of Zhongmou and meet the conditions for traffic; The goaf reconstruction project of Zhengzhou Deng expressway, the reconstruction project of Xintian avenue of Longhai West Road to taojia intersection of Xingyang, the construction of Zhengzhou ordinary national and provincial trunk smart highway, and the comprehensive improvement project of Zhengzhou Expressway and trunk highway safety services should be completed within this year; G107 is moved eastward to sigang linkage avenue to connect the new project of the line in October 2011. The main body should be completed and ready for traffic

according to the investment project plan of Zhengzhou municipal government, we will speed up the promotion of the popular point G said, that is, the point 1 in the experimental curve from the first to the last point before the curve is stable, which is the reconstruction of Dengfeng border of line 207 in the yield stage, the reconstruction of Gongyi border of G207, the reconstruction of Gongyi border of G207, the reconstruction of the south section of g310 in Zhengzhou border of line g234 (Cuimiao in Xingyang, the junction of Xinmi and Xuchang), the reconstruction of g310 from the junction of Zhengzhou and Kaifeng to Guandu town of Zhongmou County The handling and approval of the preliminary requirements of the reconstruction of Gongyi border of g310 line (Mihe town Jiaotong Expressway), the reconstruction of Xinzheng border of G343 line, and the construction of S224 Zhongmou border (wapo village, langchenggang town to Gucheng village, Hansi town), and other projects. The projects with mature conditions should be started within the year

in addition, this year, Zhengzhou will also implement the traffic sign adjustment project of ordinary trunk roads, the overhaul of the Hegang Dameng section of s223 Zhongmou, the preventive maintenance project of the Dengyan boundary Dayu intersection of G207 Dengfeng, and the maintenance and reconstruction project of four road shifts, including sanshanhe in Xingyang city. At the same time, we will promote the integrated development of "highway + tourism" and "highway service facilities + interconnection" to provide pedestrians with services in multiple fields and directions

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