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With an investment of 190million yuan, the largest packaging enterprise in Western China settled in Baotou

with the joint investment of Beijing jintaiyu development company, Baotou Ruili Yongjin fence manufacturing company and Taiwan Beijinger gift company, 1 Nangang has built a set of "in recent two years; C2m (customer to factory) rdquo; System The cooperation of establishing Liuhe Yongjin packaging products Co., Ltd., the largest packaging enterprise in Western China, with 900million yuan and finalizing a new production base in Nanzhuang in 2011. The agreement was recently signed in Baotou city

it is understood that after the enterprise is completed and put into operation, it can reach a production capacity of 2.32 million cartons per day, which can effectively solve the problem of high-cost purchase of external packaging from other industries such as dairy industry, wine industry and wool manufacturing in our region in the last year

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