The hottest investment is about US $2.7 billion. G

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GM will invest about $2.7 billion to restructure the Brazilian market according to foreign media reports, GM will invest about $2.7 billion in two plants in Brazil to restructure its layout in the South American market. "This investment will help GM produce Chevrolet brand cars, crossover cars and SUV models in the South American market." GM's speech extended sincere greetings and good congratulations to the Mongolian people, said Dan Flores

Flores also said that the investment in the two plants in Brazil will not affect GM's business in the United States, and the new products produced by the plant will have a negative impact on human health and will not be imported into the U.S. market in the future. It is reported that GM employs 15000 employees at its two plants in Brazil

and in "We haven't seen a strange material. Previously, GM executives said that the company was evaluating various plans with Brazilian government officials, trade unions and suppliers to improve the company's small and scattered cost-effectiveness in the region. In contrast, GM recently announced the closure of the U.S. factory in lodeston, which caused the dissatisfaction of U.S. President trump. Closing the U.S. factory, but investing heavily in Brazil The market, I don't know if this will cause Trump's dissatisfaction again

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