Application of the hottest release agent in RIM pr

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Application of release agent in RIM process

due to the strong adhesion of polyurethane to metals and other materials, release agent is generally used in the production of polyurethane molded products, and rim process is no exception. The release agent of RIM process includes external release agent, external polyurethane film wrapping and internal release agent

at present, the commonly used external release agents are paraffin and silicone release agents. It can be prepared into a solution, which is convenient to coat the mold economically. The 2% - 10% hydrocarbon solution of polyethylene wax can also be used as the external release agent of rim polyurethane materials such as automobile bumpers. If the parts have painting requirements. Silicone release agent should be used with caution, otherwise it may cause failure of overall coating

in order to meet the requirements of improving production efficiency, internal release agent is used to strengthen rubber, and it has been developed as an important auxiliary of rim polyurethane (urea). The internal mold release agent is an auxiliary agent added to the formula to play the role of mold release. In the process of polyurethane molding, after the sample is broken, it can partially migrate to the surface of the product and play the role of isolation

polysiloxane compounds containing active organic groups are the first developed internal release agents, which have been widely used all over the world. The middle is fatty acid polyester long chain segment, the end group is hydroxyl polyether, amino polyether polymer compound, higher fatty alcohol or amine and ethylene oxide adduct (non-ionic surfactant) are also commonly used internal demoulding agent, which has been determined as the best energy-saving agent by the country. Zinc stearate is a non reactive internal release agent

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