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Spend 6billion to build a super giant "paper aircraft carrier"

in August 2004, the third phase of China paper will be put into production. The third phase project covers an area of 1.7 million square meters, with a total investment of 6 billion yuan. The "phase III project" mainly produces high-grade coated whiteboard to effectively alleviate the demand of China's market for high-grade papermaking products (mainly 250G/m2 ~ 450g/m2 gray bottom whiteboard and white bottom whiteboard). The paper machine invested in the third phase project of Zhonghua paper industry will be the most advanced production line in the world in the next few years. The paper machine, pulp treatment, coating and other equipment that has been installed are provided by Finland Metso company. The coater has 3 + 2 cloth applicators, the width of the paper machine is 8.1 meters, the speed is 900 meters/minute, the annual output of a single machine is 750000 tons, and it is equipped with the most advanced QCS and DCS quality control system, At the same time, the supporting product finishing workshop has 9 paper cutters and 1 set of automatic intermediate warehouse. In addition, Zhonghua paper phase III project also has its own thermal power plant and perfect environmental protection facilities, and has designed and built a source water treatment workshop and sewage treatment workshop that meet the national first-class discharge standard. The equipment of phase III project is imported from Finland, Germany, Austria, Spain, Taiwan and other places, which has the strongest equipment strength advantage in the domestic industry due to the lack of specific scale for manual operation, and will promote the internationalization and modernization of China's paper industry. After the completion of the third phase project, the annual output of Zhonghua paper will reach 1.5 million tons at that time

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golden light group (APP) is one of the top ten Paper Companies in the world, and has developed into one of the largest whiteboard manufacturers in China. The goal they pursue is just as huangzhiyuan, the president of the group, said, "the top ten in the world is just our starting point, and it is our unremitting efforts to challenge the limit and pursue perfection". Ningbo Zhonghua Paper Co., Ltd. is the first paper mill invested by app in China. Since its establishment, it has created five firsts in China's paper industry:

1. China's first modern paper enterprise built in accordance with international standards; 2. The first paper mill in China that uses waste paper as the main raw material to make high-grade whiteboard with 20Hz; 3. The first paper mill in China to break the monopoly of foreign paper on the Chinese market; 4. The first paper to establish an advanced sales model of coated paperboard in China should consider whether it is a failure in the refrigeration system; 5. The first paper mill in China to adopt international environmental standards

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