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Invest 1billion! The special epoxy resin project with an annual output of 9500 tons invested and constructed by teeter new materials

investment of 1billion! The color of 9500 ton/year old and new building blocks of Shandong taiter New Material Technology Co., Ltd. in Dongying Port Economic Development Zone must match the color of the special epoxy resin project. It can be seen from the scene that tower cranes stand, battle flags are displayed, construction vehicles shuttle back and forth, and all kinds of machinery roar and symphonize. There is a decisive atmosphere of big and fast work everywhere

"our project has reached the expected progress, and the project is progressing smoothly. It is planned to be completed and put into operation in May next year. At that time, the company will become the leader in the field of special epoxy resin coatings. On this basis, the company will gradually build a world-class high-end epoxy resin industry base with Shandong as the core and radiating the world." At the construction site, Xu Jun, the project director of Shandong taiter New Material Technology Co., Ltd., introduced while checking the construction progress against the planning map

Shandong taiter New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a well-known international supplier of high-end epoxy resin and a national high-tech enterprise - Jiangsu taiter New Material Technology Co., Ltd. the price difference between the fully explicit and microcomputer controlled models is becoming smaller and smaller. It has been focusing on the high-end epoxy resin products for photoresist, one of the cutting-edge electronic materials, and focusing on the national strategic emerging industries, With the help of its own core technology, its special epoxy resin series products are widely used in the production of 3D printing materials, photoresists, environmental friendly coatings and inks, composite materials and other fields, and are used in batches by Dow Chemical, Henkel, BASF and other world-renowned companies, with a very broad market prospect

the total investment of the project is 1billion yuan, and the construction began in July this year. In order to speed up the progress of the project and ensure that it is completed and put into operation on schedule, the project Department of China Chemical Engineering 13th Construction Co., Ltd., the contractor of the project, overcame the adverse impact of the rainy season on the construction, and organized the construction personnel to set up three iron armies, namely, the Party member commando, the League member commando and the youth commando, so as to give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members, In each individual project, we will overcome difficulties by carrying out 100 day competition activities, and make steady progress according to the time node

up to now, the project has been progressing smoothly. Through the implementation of the project through labor competition, the construction personnel worked overtime and finally recaptured the 15 day construction period delayed due to the rainy season, catching up with the construction progress. Xu Jun, the person in charge, told. Now the civil engineering has been completed by more than 50%, and it is planned to start synchronous installation in late November The experimental fixture and equipment will be installed, and all civil works will be completed by the end of December, striving to be completed and put into operation as scheduled in May next year

it is reported that the industrialization of the project will help break the situation that China's advanced electronic and chemical products rely heavily on imports, meet the needs of high-end customers in downstream industries, promote the development of new material industry, and help Dongying Port Economic Development Zone accelerate the construction of the core area of northern Shandong high-end petrochemical industry base

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