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Up to hundreds of billions of dollars: more than 60 nuclear power units are "frozen" to be treated.

the inspection and testing equipment for copper products, copper based new materials, and personnel information database have been built.

just received the notice, the inspection team will arrive tomorrow. On March 17, a person in charge of the nuclear power project under construction told that after Premier Wen Jiabao chaired the executive meeting of the State Council on the 16th and decided to comprehensively review the nuclear power project, various nuclear power inspection teams have begun to travel to various places for inspection

according to the decision requirements of the executive meeting of the State Council, the safety of all nuclear power projects under construction in China will be re verified, and the approval of all nuclear power projects that are in the process of preliminary work will be temporarily suspended

according to the comprehensive public information, there are currently 28 nuclear power units under construction in China, and about 38 nuclear power units are an important safety barrier. The preliminary work of the construction project is under way, involving a total of more than 60 nuclear power units

it is learned that relevant national departments will arrange a major nuclear power safety inspection every year, but this major inspection obviously makes enterprises feel more pressure. It is not ruled out that some projects do not meet the safety requirements and may be suspended. A nuclear power analyst said that nuclear power enterprises are now more waiting for the State Council to make more detailed arrangements for this decision

suspension does not affect projects under construction

in a long period of time, China's nuclear power projects are basically constructed and operated by China Nuclear Power Group and China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group. However, in recent years, traditional power enterprises have gradually stepped into the field of nuclear power

public information shows that CNNC is currently building 10 nuclear power units, and more than 11 nuclear power units have carried out preliminary work. China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group is building 16 nuclear power units, and about 20 units are carrying out preliminary work. China Power Investment Group is building two nuclear power units, and about six nuclear power units are carrying out preliminary work. In addition, Huaneng Group has one nuclear power demonstration unit ready for operation

this newspaper learned that under normal circumstances, the investment of each second-generation improved nuclear power unit is about 12billion yuan, and some of the above-mentioned more than 60 projects also use other nuclear power technologies with higher investment. Therefore, the total investment of these projects may be more than 800billion yuan, and the vast majority of them come from nuclear power projects that are making preliminary preparations but have suspended approval

the executive meeting of the State Council decided to suspend the approval of nuclear power projects, including those carrying out preliminary work, before the approval of the nuclear safety plan. A person familiar with the matter said that the nuclear safety plan could not be issued until 12 years. According to the calculation of 8 units started every year in China, the construction period can be postponed to 16 nuclear power units, and the total investment may exceed 200billion yuan

in addition, it is not ruled out that the nuclear power units that have started construction may require suspension of construction due to imperfect safety assurance measures. At present, the number of nuclear power units that will be affected cannot be determined. The above insiders believe that the final result must depend on the results of the ongoing nuclear power safety inspection

however, a person from a nuclear power enterprise said that the suspension measures would not affect all nuclear power units under construction: the impact would certainly not be so great. Although the State Council has made this decision, the construction of projects that meet the requirements will continue; Without this decision, the projects that failed to pass the audit still couldn't be launched

this statement is confirmed by the interview of the newspaper on the nuclear power projects under construction and planned. The on-site work of the two types of projects has not been affected yet. But for the proposed project, there are many variables in the future. If it fails to pass the audit, all previous investments will be dissolved. Considering the adopted technical route and site conditions and other factors, some of the 38 proposed projects are bound to fall. Even the surviving projects have to bear no small losses

a nuclear power expert told this newspaper: the construction of nuclear power projects is a process of continuous investment, and the investment is large. If the project is still not accepted after meeting the conditions, there must be losses. According to the expert, China's previous nuclear power projects were not approved for a long time after the completion of the preliminary work, causing some basic materials on site to be corroded and had to be replaced

nuclear power enterprises have begun to worry about the impact of these potential risks on their recent development. According to relevant sources of CNNC group, although the plan of CNNC group to package and list nuclear power assets has not changed, it needs to find a better time. The relevant work of CNNC will be adjusted after the State Council makes more detailed arrangements for this decision

upgrading of nuclear power safety standards

it is understood that after the decision of the State Council on March 16, the inspection of nuclear power projects in various regions has begun, including the inspection team sent by the group company and the inspection team sent by the government and regulatory departments. Insiders told this newspaper

however, in the face of the sudden safety inspection, the heads of nuclear power construction projects are still worried. The decision (of the executive meeting of the State Council) mentioned that the construction of projects under construction that do not meet the standards should be stopped immediately, but we still don't know what changes will be made to the standards of this inspection. The person in charge of the nuclear power project under construction said

it is not only the nuclear power owner units that have this concern, but also the nuclear power construction units

we don't fully understand all the contents of the decision of the State Council now. China Nuclear Power Construction Group said that after the nuclear leak accident in Japan, safety standards must be stricter. If the French standard is used, we don't worry, but it's not clear whether it will be replaced by other standards. According to the person, the nuclear power standards currently adopted in China are France, the United States, Russia and Canada, of which French standards are mainly adopted

according to other insiders, the anti-seismic standard for the design of nuclear power plants in China is usually grade 8.2, but now with the lessons of Japan, the national nuclear safety supervision department will adjust the anti-seismic standard with reference to the situation in Japan and conduct a more rigorous review of all aspects of the project

in the nuclear leakage accident in Japan, the damage of the earthquake to the nuclear power plant is not as great as that of the tsunami, and the cooling system is mainly damaged by the tsunami, so the new safety standard will certainly have requirements to improve the flood control capacity. The person said

suspend approval for safety development

nevertheless, industry insiders expressed optimism about the development prospect of China's nuclear power industry in an interview

suspension of approval is only a temporary measure. According to the decision of the executive meeting of the State Council, after the introduction of the nuclear safety plan, the approval of new nuclear power projects may be restarted

Japan has had a nuclear accident. We stopped to seriously learn from Japan's lessons and let nuclear power experts and engineers work together to study countermeasures to improve safety and better prevent similar accidents. This decision is timely and necessary. A nuclear power expert told this newspaper that it would be worthwhile to spend two years changing China's nuclear power to be safer and healthier. Because building plastics have the advantages of light weight and low price, the exhibition is worth it

in fact, before the executive meeting of the State Council made a decision, China's nuclear power construction has shown signs of slowing down and stabilizing. In the 12th Five Year Plan, it is proposed to develop nuclear power efficiently on the basis of ensuring safety. Before that, China's positioning of nuclear power development strategy has experienced a progressive process from modest development to positive development instead of setting the daily production capacity, and then to vigorous development. The above-mentioned nuclear power experts said that the shift to safety and efficiency showed that the national decision-making level had new thoughts on the development of nuclear power, and the Japanese nuclear leakage accident prompted the decision-making level to make a more firm decision

in the short term, it will have an impact on the nuclear power industry, and the speed of nuclear power construction will certainly slow down, but in the long term, it is a good thing. The above experts said that recently, they chatted with some experts in the nuclear power industry, and they all had some reflections on the nuclear leakage in Japan. It takes time for these thoughts to be transformed into safety measures

other insiders also said that there is still room for improvement in the safety of nuclear power units under construction and nuclear power units in operation, which have been carried out before. For example, Qinshan Phase II unit 3 has made more than 1000 improvements on the basis of unit 1, and safety is also a part of the improvements. Introduction of the above experts

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