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The application of remote i/o products in engine production line

statistical data show that with the rapid development of the industry, the demand for high-performance, high-end automation devices and system components in engine production line is becoming more and more urgent. Turck company has been committed to the application and research and development of products in the field of industrial automation, especially focusing on the improvement of the automation level of the automobile manufacturing industry. It has continuously launched various high-performance products for the application of the automobile manufacturing industry, mainly including various sensors, bus remote i/o and connector products, which are widely used in various fields of the automobile manufacturing industry. In particular, bus products have become industry standards or standard configuration brands in the automotive manufacturing industry, and have a good reputation among many manufacturers. Based on the application of Turck high protection level bus i/o products in automobile engine plant, this paper discusses the advantages and characteristics of the application of high protection level bus remote i/o products in automobile manufacturing industry

block i/o enables Siemens CNC to extend more i/o points

customer needs

the process of engine production from blank cylinder block to finished product is divided into the following steps: crankshaft production and processing, connecting rod production and processing, cylinder head production and processing, cylinder block production and processing and final assembly, among which the production and processing of cylinder head and cylinder block are particularly important, because the quality of these two parts determines the quality of the whole engine. Therefore, the automation level of the cylinder block and cylinder head production line has become an important indicator to judge whether the production level of an engine company is advanced

the production line of engine cylinder block and cylinder head mainly includes the following process links:

op05: marking

op10: rough and semi fine milling top surface, drilling and reaming process pin hole and other hole system processing

op20: rough and semi fine milling of bottom surface, drilling and reaming of locating pin holes, etc

op30: milling exhaust, front and rear face and hole system processing, etc

op40: milling the air inlet surface and processing the air inlet and bottom surfaces

op50: Finish Milling top surface and hole system processing

op60: fine boring the locating pin hole, valve seat and guide tube bottom hole

op70: intermediate cleaning

op80: press the valve seat and valve guide

op90: install camshaft cover

op100: Finish Milling front and drilling other hole systems

op110: fine boring camshaft hole and seam

op120: Machining of cone surface and guide hole of intake and exhaust valve seat

op130: finish milling the bottom surface

op140: final cleaning

op150: deburring

op160: press the bowl plug

op170: air tightness test and marking

op180: appearance inspection

the above process links mainly use three types of equipment: processing center, loading and unloading transportation, cleaning, leak detection and other auxiliary equipment

the main control system of the machining center mainly adopts Siemens 840D numerical control system or GE Fanuc numerical control system. The machining center is run through by the automatic loading and unloading system, forming a system that can automatically load and unload and continuous flexible machining, which requires the numerical control system to expand a lot of external i/o. If the external i/o is directly connected to the CNC system, due to the scattered i/o points, a large number of wiring will be generated, which will bring inconvenience to the system wiring and later maintenance and repair, and increase the cost of equipment installation, commissioning and maintenance. Siemens s PLC or s PLC is mostly used for auxiliary equipment. There are many and scattered i/o points of auxiliary equipment, and many i/o points are distributed on the manipulator that needs translation or rotation, so a large number of cables are repeatedly bent in the drag chain, which reduces the reliability of the equipment and reduces the time that the equipment can work continuously. Moreover, a large amount of cutting fluid is used in the whole production line, and the comparison of oil and water stains on site is that the electronic universal testing machine shared with you has a serious little knowledge of the tearing test of samples of various shapes. Fog will be generated during continuous production, which has certain requirements for the entry of waterproof particles into the equipment. In the above cases, the use of high protection level bus remote i/o products can completely solve the problems in practical applications, improve the reliability of the system, and ensure the efficient and lasting work of the equipment

turck solution

turck block i/o product is a bus remote i/o module with high protection grade, which is specially designed to be directly installed on the equipment field. The whole module is encapsulated with epoxy resin, which fully reaches the high protection level of IP67. At the same time, it is combined with the pre cast cables and connectors provided by Turck company, which truly ensures the high protection level of the system. According to the compressive strength and flexural strength, it is divided into mu25, mu20, Mu15 and MU104 levels. It can be directly installed on the site of the equipment without adding any cabinet protection, and can completely resist liquid spray and wet site, It is suitable for all kinds of harsh working conditions to improve the reliability of the equipment

among them, fxdp/fldp series block i/o products provide PROFIBUS DP bus interface, which is suitable for Siemens CNC or PLC as the main control system; FDN series products provide devicene's innovative t-bus interface, which is suitable for the expansion of GE Fanuc CNC system

turck block i/o products are fully compatible with all mainstream bus protocols. They are installed on the equipment site where i/o is relatively concentrated. The nearby i/o points are connected to block i/o through connectors and pre cast cables, and then block i/o converts the i/o signal into the corresponding bus signal, which is transmitted to the controller by a bus cable, reducing a lot of wiring

add value for customers

turck bus i/o products mainly have three characteristics to help customers solve three application problems:

1 High protection grade

can be directly installed on the equipment site, completely waterproof and dustproof, extend the scope of the control system to the outside of the control cabinet, and directly collect the i/o data of the surrounding site, which is suitable for all kinds of harsh working conditions

2. Various communication protocols

are applicable to systems with various bus protocols, which expands the problem of insufficient NC i/o points

3. Simpler

bus communication mode greatly reduces the number of i/o wiring, reduces the time of equipment wiring installation and debugging, reduces the cost of later maintenance, and also solves the problem that many mobile cables are easy to break. (end)

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