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Invest 11.8 billion yuan to build the world's longest sea crossing bridge in Zhejiang

invest 11.8 billion yuan to build the world's longest sea crossing bridge in Zhejiang

information on China's construction machinery

Guide: pay attention to Binhai, and you must pay attention to Binhai bridges. Some people say that the level of economic development in a region is closely related to the number of bridges, especially in this era of constant contact with the outside world. We have just witnessed the completion and opening of the Binhai bridge, and in Zhejiang, the world's longest sea crossing bridge is also

pay attention to the coastal bridge. Some people say that the level of economic development in a region is closely related to the number of bridges, especially in this era of constant contact with the outside world. We have just witnessed the completion and opening of the Binhai bridge, and in Zhejiang, the world's longest sea crossing bridge has also been built. Let's pay attention to the bridge of "neighbors". The seabed of Hangzhou Bay, which has been sleeping for hundreds of millions of years, was broken by a 12.8-ton diesel hammer of a piling barge on the 15th. With a 73 meter long and 1.5 meter diameter super long steel pipe pile firmly plunged into the seabed of Hangzhou Bay, Ningbo Hangzhou Bay sea crossing bridge kicked off substantive construction. Ningbo Hangzhou Bay sea crossing bridge, with a total length of 36 kilometers, is expected to be completed in 2008. With a total investment of 11.8 billion yuan, this sea crossing bridge, which leads to Shanghai on one end and Ningbo on the other, is the longest sea crossing bridge in the world at present

unfold the map of China. On the beautiful east coast, there is a trumpet shaped gap Hangzhou Bay. For thousands of years, it has been like a natural moat, blocking the north and south banks - Shanghai and Ningbo. After nearly 10 years of preparation, the Hangzhou Bay sea crossing bridge has finally been built, and the dream of the century has finally come true

Why build a bridge

there is only a bay between Ningbo in eastern Zhejiang and Shanghai. Both Shanghai and Ningbo have deep origins in terms of blood relationship and humanities. According to the survey, one third of Shanghai families originated in Ningbo, and 80% of Ningbo people have Shanghai relatives. Therefore, whether psychologically or geographically, it is the common aspiration of the people on both sides of Hangzhou Bay to build a natural graben. Shanghai and Ningbo face each other across the sea. According to estimates, the actual traffic from Ningbo to Xinzhuang in Shanghai has to go around the "big horn" to the Shanghai Hangzhou Ningbo Expressway, with a total length of about 304 kilometers, while the straight-line distance from the bridge is only about 179 kilometers. Nowadays, even "detour" is not easy, because the "Shanghai Hangzhou Ningbo" expressway, the main traffic artery of Hangzhou Bay, has been overcrowded. The widening project will continue for several years, during which the roads will be more crowded. The construction of Hangzhou bay cross sea channel is a real traffic demand! The bridge data is three times the length of the bridge

as early as the beginning of the last century, Dr. Sun Yat Sen put forward his own idea. He put forward the concept of "Oriental port" in the general plan for the founding of the people's Republic of China, which is located between Zhapu cape and Shupu Cape in Hangzhou Bay. With the increasingly prominent economic status of the "Yangtze River Delta" in the country, more and more experts and scholars believe that "Oriental port" is a combined concept, which should be the coordinated division of labor among Shanghai, Ningbo and Zhoushan, forming a new pattern of large ports. In 2002, the State Planning Commission issued an approval document, officially approving the project of Hangzhou Bay sea crossing bridge

In 2003, the feasibility study report of the Hangzhou Bay sea crossing bridge project was discussed and approved by the 151st Premier's office meeting of the State Council, and the bridge construction entered a new stage of design and construction preparation

on June 8th, 2003, the Hangzhou Bay Bridge, with a total length of 36 kilometers, will surpass the sea crossing bridge from Saudi Arabia to Bahrain and become the longest sea crossing bridge in the world

who knows, in order to wait for the day of project approval, the bridge project preparation department has been established for nearly 10 years, during which more than 120 feasibility studies have been carried out. If the A4 paper used in the preparation materials and survey reports before the project is erected, it is three times the length of the bridge

what is the cross sea bridge like

the Hangzhou Bay Bridge is designed according to the two-way six lane highway, with a design speed of 100 km/h and a design service life of 100 years. The bridge has two channels in the South and North, of which the diamond type double tower double cable plane steel box with a main span of 448 meters in the north channel has built a large-scale ground landscape beam cable-stayed bridge covering an area of about 40000 square meters, and the navigation standard is 35000 ton ship; The south channel is a type a single tower double cable plane steel box girder cable-stayed bridge with a main span of 318 meters, and the navigation standard is a 3000 ton ship. Other approach bridges adopt prestressed concrete continuous box girder structures ranging from 30 meters to 80 meters. The design speed of the bridge is 100 kilometers per hour, the lead lines on both sides adopt 120 kilometers per hour, the six lane standard, and the bridge width is 33 meters

on June 2 this year, the bridge type design scheme of Hangzhou Bay Bridge Based on the design concept of "long bridge lying wave" passed the review of experts

the most beautiful sea crossing bridge will be added to the record of "the longest" of Hangzhou Bay Bridge. In addition to the longest and largest quantities, Hangzhou Bay Bridge has introduced the concept of landscape design into the bridge design for the first time, taking into account the complex hydrological environment characteristics of Hangzhou Bay, and combining the psychological factors of drivers and passengers when driving, the general layout principle of the bridge has been determined. From a distance, the plane of the whole bridge is an S-shaped curve. On the whole, the alignment is beautiful. However, no matter how many experimental machines are produced, our inspection team always maintains a high working state and is lively. From the side, the bridge is not a horizontal line, but an arch at the Navigable Bridge of the north-south and channel, which makes the bridge have a ups and downs facade shape

It is reported that the total investment of the 36 kilometer Hangzhou Bay sea crossing bridge is planned to be 11.8 billion yuan, of which the project capital accounts for 35%. Ningbo and Jiaxing contribute to the establishment of the project company at a ratio of 9:1, and the rest of the construction funds should be financed by bank loans. After conducting a comprehensive evaluation, the relevant banks have successively issued loan commitments issued by the head offices, including 4 billion yuan from the China Development Bank, 2 billion yuan from the industrial and Commercial Bank of China, and 500 million yuan from the Bank of China and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank. Seventeen private enterprises in Ningbo, including Haitong group and Fangtai kitchenware, respectively formed five shareholders to participate in the bridge project company. The shareholders include Cixi Jianqiao Investment Co., Ltd., Xingqiao Investment Co., Ltd., Tianyi Investment Co., Ltd., Youngor, Yuyao Hangzhou Bay Bridge Investment Co., Ltd., etc. private capital accounts for 50.26% of the capital in the project company. According to the headquarters of Hangzhou Bay Bridge, the construction period of the bridge will last for five years, and it is expected to be opened to traffic in 2008. After the completion of the bridge, it will definitely be included in the Zhejiang expressway toll card project. In the preliminary planning, the charge of the bridge is calculated at 55 yuan/vehicle, and the charge period is 30 years, including the construction period

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the Hangzhou Bay sea crossing bridge is 36 kilometers long - equivalent to a half cycle from Tanggu to ZhangGuiZhuang or around the outer ring road. The first super long steel pipe pile driven by this sea crossing bridge is 73 meters long - equivalent to a 26 story tall building

will the tide surge of Qianjiang River be affected by the sea crossing bridge

the Qianjiang River tide, which has been surging for thousands of years, will not be affected by the construction of the world's first long sea crossing bridge. Wang Yong, the general director of the construction of Ningbo Hangzhou Bay sea crossing bridge, told Xinhua News Agency on the morning of June 8 that although the long sea crossing bridge crosses the north and south of Hangzhou Bay, the world's first long bridge has been strictly measured and calculated before construction, so it can be guaranteed not to cause damage to the world-famous Qianjiang River surge on Hangzhou Bay. In order to solve the impact of the Hangzhou Bay Bridge on the Qianjiang River tide, the construction department has conducted a two-year special research and analysis based on the hydrological data of the Hangzhou Bay for more than 50 years, and finally selected the bridge site 32 kilometers east of the tide point. In addition, the designer also designed the bridge into an "s" shape to ensure that the bridge axis of each section of the bridge is perpendicular to the mainstream of flood and ebb tides, and reduce the impact of bridge construction on water flow velocity. Wang Yong said that the Qianjiang River is more than 30 kilometers away from the upstream of the bridge and is not affected by the bridge at all. Before the bridge was built, the tide head height of Yanguan was between 2 meters and 2.5 meters; After the bridge is built, the height of the tide head of Yanguan will not be reduced by more than 2 cm, which is completely invisible to the naked eye. Qianjiang tidal observation began in the Tang Dynasty and flourished in the Song Dynasty. It has a history of thousands of years, of which the salt tower tidal line in Haining, Zhejiang Province is the most famous. On August 18 of the lunar calendar every year, people rush to Hangzhou Bay to see the magnificent tide with an average drop of 9 meters

what if there is an accident on the bridge

the distance of the bridge at sea is 36 kilometers, which is the longest cross sea bridge in the world at present. What if an accident happens in the middle of the car? According to reports, the Hangzhou Bay Bridge will build a unique offshore platform. The south channel is 1.7 kilometers further south, about 14 kilometers away from the south bank. There is a sea platform with an area of 10000 square meters, which is the area of two football fields. The platform will be used as a construction platform during the construction period and is a stronghold for offshore construction. After the completion of the bridge, this sea platform is not only a rescue platform for sea transportation services, but also an excellent tourism platform. There is a high sightseeing tower on the platform, which can not only overlook the rough sea, enjoy the sea scenery, but also see the majestic appearance of the bridge. The entire offshore platform is connected to the bridge by a ramp bridge, which is about 150 meters away from the bridge. In order to ensure the traffic safety of the bridge, the scientific research unit will also establish a set of scientific evaluation system for the design, construction and maintenance of the bridge, and build the bridge into a "digital bridge". The whole bridge will be equipped with a central monitoring system, with an average of one pair of monitors per kilometer. Every move on the whole bridge will be in the "eye" of the central monitoring system. In this way, the bridge can be scientifically and reasonably maintained and managed, and the health status of the bridge "body" is also under real-time control

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