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Current situation of plastic medical devices in the Thai market

plastics are widely used in industry, including the use of medical devices. As one of the downstream products of the plastic industry, medical plastic products in Thailand have created high added value. The industry is developing rapidly and has great potential. Considering that Thailand and many countries are about to enter or are entering the elderly society, and the production technology research and development and innovation of the plastic industry continue, it can be predicted that there is still great room for the development of medical plastics in the future

current situation of plastic medical devices

the main raw materials used in the production of medical devices today include metals, ceramics, plastics and composites that meet the conditions in strict accordance with the standards. Among them, plastics and composites have good strength and toughness, light weight, low cost, strong corrosion resistance, and are easy to synthesize new materials with other substances, and their characteristics meet the needs of medical equipment. A variety of advantages make them obtain medical equipment. However, in recent years, China's plastic production capacity has increased the favor of manufacturers

the total value of Thailand's plastic industry in 2010 was 226.822 billion baht. What are the problems that should be considered when choosing a film tensile testing machine? Let's analyze it one by one:. Among them, the medical equipment products with plastic as the main material are worth 3.343 billion baht, accounting for about 1.5% of the total value of plastic products, and about 48000 tons of plastic raw materials are used

according to the research results of the plastic industry data research center under the office of industrial economics of Thailand, there were 12 manufacturers of plastic medical equipment in Thailand in 2011, with about 2580 employees, of which 2210 worked in production, with a monthly production capacity of about 1366 tons. All manufacturers are located in Bangkok and surrounding prefectures

Thai medical equipment manufacturers use low-level science and technology. Plastic products mainly include medical gloves, plastic tubes, medical instruments, drug packaging, etc

advantages of plastic medical equipment

in the past, the use of plastic in medical treatment was greatly limited due to technical reasons, but with the maturity of science and technology, the application of plastic medical equipment is more and more widely: from the packaging of drugs and pharmaceuticals, to disposable medical equipment such as needle tubes, hoses, and hand tools. The use of plastic equipment can be regarded as a great innovation in the medical field

compared with medical equipment made of other materials, plastic equipment has many advantages:

1) light weight, labor-saving use, which is conducive to reducing the fatigue caused by long-term surgery. It is more suitable for human blood and muscle tissue, so it has more curative effect

2) it has good strength and toughness, strong impermeability and durability. Some plastics can also be used normally under high temperature

3) with transparency, human rights issues in the medical process have always been an important factor in the deterioration of relations between the United States and North Korea, Iran, Syria and other countries, which can be better observed, especially in the process of surgery

4) easy to form, suitable for the production of various medical devices and supplies with complex shapes and structures, and only need to use low-cost production process. Using disinfectant or high-temperature sterilization will not cause corrosion or color change

5) compared with other raw materials such as metal, it has low cost and is more suitable for the production of disposable consumables. After disinfection, it can be used as packaging material to reduce the risk of infection

6) compared with fragile materials such as ceramics or glass, it is safer to use, especially as packaging materials

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