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Current situation of inkjet printer market

inkjet technology originated in the United States in the late 1960s, and has become increasingly mature after more than 30 years of tempering. The core technology of inkjet printer is complex. At present, only a few industrialized countries in the world can produce it, such as the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Japan and Italy. Due to the lack of this technology in China, all inkjet printers used in various industries basically rely on imports, which consumes a lot of foreign exchange. In order to change this situation, Mr. Zhang Xiuchuan, the founder of Beijing konova Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., has carried out systematic research on this technology since the early 1990s, successfully overcome a series of technical problems, and obtained the technical patent of inkjet printer in 994. On this basis, through unremitting efforts, the "Huanuo" inkjet printer hn7000 series, hn8000 series and kn100 produced by konova company have entered the stage of mass production. The inkjet function produced by corona can be reliably used in the production line and can completely replace similar imported products

at present, there are imported foreign products and joint venture products in the domestic market. Except for konova company, there is no domestic manufacturer with independent intellectual property rights and mass production of inkjet printer. At present, the basic performance of inkjet printer produced by konova company has reached the level of imported similar products in the mid-1990s

after several years of efforts, konova's inkjet printer, whose unit is Joule technology, has experienced the stage from pre research to mass production. In order to standardize production and ensure quality, corona has formulated enterprise standards and established a quality management system according to the requirements of ISO9001 with the increase of experimental force. At present, "Huanuo" inkjet printer is popular all over the country

in recent years, with the widespread application of inkjet printer technology in the food industry, people also have a certain understanding of inkjet printer. At present, the country has increasingly strict requirements on the date of production and other marks of products (especially food, drugs, etc.). Due to competition, manufacturers are looking for an effective way to solve this problem. For modern large-scale production manufacturers, the preferred product to solve this problem is "inkjet printer", so the society has more and more requirements for inkjet printer. Pay close attention to the project reserves. According to statistics, China imported about 2000 inkjet printers from abroad every year in, increased to about 5000 in, and will increase to 8000 per year after 2001

under the leadership of Mr. Zhang Xiuchuan, several technical and energetic young engineers of corona successfully solved several key technologies of inkjet printer after several years of continuous research, development and improvement, and made the manufacturing cost high. This toy manufacturer headquartered in Billund announced a sharp decline in investment decision on June 16. The basic performance of hn-7000 inkjet printer produced by konova company has reached the advanced import level, which can fully meet the requirements of domestic users. Practice has proved that konova's inkjet printer technology is mature and its quality can stand the test. Konova will constantly sum up experience and update technology according to the requirements of users, so as to maintain the leading level in this industry

compared with imported inkjet printer, konova's products have the following advantages:

Product Price

the price of foreign inkjet printer is nearly twice that of konova's inkjet printer. In China, small and medium-sized enterprises account for the majority, and most small and medium-sized enterprises in China first consider the cost when buying inkjet printer. Therefore, the inkjet printer produced by konova company has become their first choice

price of spare parts and consumables

the use of inkjet printer is not a one-time investment. It also requires continuous purchase of ink and diluent required by inkjet printer. After the warranty period, it will face the problem of replacement and purchase of spare parts. The price of consumables and spare parts for the inkjet printer of corona is low, which is several times or even dozens of times cheaper than the imported ones

after sales service

in 2003, Beijing corona Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. will create an after-sales mode of "active service" to ensure the stable operation of corona inkjet printer. At the same time, the service engineers of konova company will ensure that they are on call 24 hours a day to provide users with warm, thoughtful and professional services, so as to truly achieve what users want and what users need. The service tenet of the company is "active service and safe use". Konova has a wide service network, with offices or service departments in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Wuhan, Shenyang, Chengdu, Jinan, Beijing, Xi'an, Hangzhou, Shijiazhuang, Xiamen, Kunming, Changsha, Zhengzhou, Chongqing, Changchun, Nanchang, Nanning, Harbin and other cities, which can provide users with high-quality and efficient printing equipment, and take the initiative to provide users with the fastest and best after-sales service

konova, the organism of science and technology, commitment and China, from which we can see the future of domestic inkjet printer

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